Welcome to Core Beauty Salon & Co., a premier Redken salon nestled in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas. Our salon is more than just a place to get your hair done; it's a sanctuary where beauty is considered a holistic experience, embracing the essence of confidence and empowerment. We believe that beauty transcends the surface, touching the core of who you are.

Our Mission

At Core Beauty Salon & Co., our mission is clear: to inspire confidence and enhance beauty from the inside out. We are dedicated to providing each client with an empowering experience that illuminates their inherent beauty. Our team of highly skilled professionals uses the latest in hair care technology and artistic techniques to create looks that not only turn heads but also nurture the soul.

Our History

Founded in 2022, Core Beauty Salon & Co. began its journey as a modest one-chair salon. Driven by a passion for fashion, beauty, and art, Monica, our founder, has always seen creativity as a cornerstone of her career and life. Her vision was to create a space where this creativity could flourish and be shared with clients, offering them not just exceptional hair care services but a truly transformative experience.

In our quest to grow and serve you better, we have recently expanded to a new location in New Braunfels. This move symbolizes our commitment to evolution and excellence in the beauty industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Core Beauty Salon & Co. stands out for several reasons:

  • Exclusive Training Program: Our stylists undergo rigorous training before taking on clients, ensuring top-notch services across the board.
  • High-End Salon Experience: We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled services and customer experience, making every visit memorable.
  • Personalized Attention: We believe every client is unique. Tailoring our services to meet individual needs is our specialty.
  • Happy Employees, Happy Clients: Fostering a positive work environment is key to our success. Happy and motivated employees translate to happy clients.
  • Continued Education: We provide our team with opportunities for professional growth, staying ahead of beauty trends and techniques.
  • Artistic Vision: Our love for fashion, color, and extensions is evident in our work. We strive to bring your beauty dreams to life.
  • Premium Hair Brands: We use only the best hair brands, including Bellami & Halo Couture, ensuring quality and longevity in every style.

Join us at Core Beauty Salon & Co. and experience the difference. Let us enhance your beauty, inspire your confidence, and empower you from the inside out. Welcome to the family, where every detail of your visit is crafted with love, expertise, and a touch of creativity.